Three Timesaving JDownloader Browser Extensions

Have you ever wished for JDownloader to be better integrated into your browser? Well, we're working on releasing something really awesome ourselves soon, but in the meantime, we want to show you 3 browser extensions that you have been waiting for! Here are the top 3 Google Chrome Extensions and how you can use them to make downloading with JDownloader even more comfortable and faster!

Download and Install Google Chrome

All 3 of these useful extensions need Google's own browser “Google Chrome” to be installed in order to work. If you don't already have it, we highly recommend getting it.

Although the competition is slowly catching up again, Chrome is in our humble opinion, still by far the fastest and most reliable browser out there.

You can download Google Chrome here:

Now let's have a look at the tested extensions:

1) JDownloader Integration for Google Chrome

This is probably the one with the most features. It adds a right-click context menu and a toolbar button next to the address bar that both can send the current URL to JDownloader. It also comes with advanced features like support for the Remote Control Interface, FlashGot support and a Regular Expression Filter that allows you to quickly filter links that are about to be sent to JDownloader.

All in all, this JDownloader Chrome plugin is one of the best out there, because although it might not come with the most beautiful logo, it does have lots of useful features.

Get the Chrome extension here.

2) JDownloader Integration

This one was made by Scr4ve, one of our most talented team members. It's a quick and simple way to add links to your JDownloader. It automatically recognizes if you're on one of the over 1000 sites supported by JDownloader, and adds a button to your address bar, if that's the case. Clicking the button automatically fires up JDownlader and adds the links from that site. Its behaviour is similar to copying the URL if your linkgrabber in JDownloader is activated, with the advantage that you can instantly see if this site is directly supported by JD or not.

The only downside is that it currently only works with the Nightly version of JDownloader. What this is and how you can get it is explained in detail here in the Forums.

Get the Chrome extension here.

3) JDChrome

JDChrome certainly has one of the cutest custom JD-Logos we've seen so far, but it can also be quite timesaving for you. The short presentation explains the basic features pretty well.

This extension needs the FlashGot Add-On to be enabled in JDownloader and is then able to send whole “block” of links to JD if you double click one of the links. It also adds a right click context menu to Chrome, just like the “JDownloader Integration for Google Chrome”. Which one of these two you want is of course up to you, but they both add the same menu icon with very similar functionality.

If however, you decide that this is the perfect extension for you, get it here.


We liked all three of these extensions. The first one is for those who want a little more, the second one for those who like it simple and lean, and the third one for those who like beautiful logos and no extension of their address bar. Of course you can also install a combination of or just all of these plugins, depending on the features you need :)

As you probably know by know, all three of these JDownloader Plugins need Google Chrome as well as JDownloader to be installed and running in order to function properly. If you haven't installed Google Chrome yet, get it here:

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