Thanks to Frank Burian from urlcrypt.com we now can provide our DLCAPI in 2 different versions.

You can download and use the API for free, but your are not allowed to redistribute or sell this api in any kind. Wether standalone, nor bundled.

OOP Version

  • Only one class file ti include
  • Easy to use wrapper methods
  • No MYSQL Database required
  • Folder with Write Access required to store keys
  • Runs stable on urlcrypt.com

Old Version

  • No writeacces but MYSQL Databse required
  • Runs stable on lots of pages
  • Portable to PHP 4*


Ruby DLC

JP from http://kedakai.co.uk/ ported DLCAPI to ruby. The source, and a well done documentation is available on his homepage.

Download DLC API in Ruby

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