Update: 0.8.930 "Pinky" available

This version brings some updates to reconnection methods, plugins, scheduler, and some general fixes, on top of the performance improvements of the previous update! The full changelog is appropriately available in the “Changelog” section of the site.
You might have already updated to this version, otherwise be sure to get it in the “Download” section!

Version 0.8.323 - Synthy

This release is mainly featuring some new minor additions and lots of plugin updates and bugfixes all around.

  • Font Size Config
  • Toolbar Manager
  • Lot's of translations updated
  • Substance Styles added to updater
  • 66 Captcha Methods
  • Plugins updated
  • Lot's of 0.7 Bugs fixed
    • Stopmark
    • Reconnect
    • Premium accounts
    • Container

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