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JDownloader 2

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• Linux
Download Installer (System Java)

Size: 7.154.641 Bytes

Sha256: 16c44729294dc54ffba74176356264bd2bd8f1c8b1a0924c13395c3358857a67

• macOS
Download Installer macOS High Sierra or higher (Java 17, Apple Silicon+Intel)

Size: 62.665.571 Bytes

Sha256: cd01a956df8952a4f989d62b94a0ba2d5575de3eac028615bbb5e2fa8d4b5366

Download Installer macOS High Sierra or higher (Java 17, Intel)

Size: 54.538.137 Bytes

Sha256: c191918283b7e9cf7493e1000d37912acd664f51672f01eb4a64990ec8051bad

Download Installer macOS Big Sur or higher (Java 17, Apple Silicon)

Size: 53.354.395 Bytes

Sha256: 46f80a76ac20c11493add4a253c2d8cf7c79f48cc67db93af6759ecae5b655b7

Download Installer macOS Lion or higher (Java 1.8, Intel)

Size: 77.939.479 Bytes

Sha256: 10f1fcdd5fb9a34ee7cd46347f013c55e151c60bd6e1ba3d9fe33e62204d067e

Download Installer macOS Snow Leopard (Java 1.8, Intel)

Size: 5.947.392 Bytes

Sha256: 8216cd36da0cc7dcb01a5c64cc90fefe8299fdad00d5baa99a32c68899771f36

• other
Download (MULTIOS JAR without Installer)

Size: 4.706.394 Bytes

Sha256: 8d02c9b4c4f19521f9cb7404fe51e4ae98ddcd84637ce5086cd4b9f98c8f971

Source Code and IDE setup guide
Uninstallation guide

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