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JDownloader 2

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• Windows
Download Installer (x86, Java 1.8)

Size: 29.305.432 Bytes

Sha256: 33bcdbc56123beeeaf8f5204956f20834f4ff909c1ce691461f4f15e144c1734

• Linux
Download Installer (System Java)

Size: 7.464.503 Bytes

Sha256: 4d89c2ab39bb5e6b89696dd68abb13ea7080a4797c6b7a9d9ac37e91266e9fd4

• macOS
Download Installer macOS High Sierra or higher (Java 21, Apple Silicon+Intel)

Size: 68.076.562 Bytes

Sha256: 3b0d4302c03bbfab256b7c53e1dd7353a0919f8fb6e29879ad67c64bb2260394

Download Installer macOS High Sierra or higher (Java 17, Apple Silicon+Intel)

Size: 63.656.853 Bytes

Sha256: 580913c48322744d64f0af818a9e453ceaa905a1646f279789ecee3a2a6975df

Download Installer macOS Big Sur or higher (Java 21, Apple Silicon)

Size: 57.876.491 Bytes

Sha256: ba716c1fa86979485fa08b47b29d4a943874848cab677c508b641728924e0fb3

Download Installer macOS High Sierra or higher (Java 21, Intel)

Size: 59.117.577 Bytes

Sha256: 667e92c83a98f67664795a064dd3230fdcc98857241ffd6269e60db39594eb52

Download Installer macOS Big Sur or higher (Java 17, Apple Silicon)

Size: 54.087.629 Bytes

Sha256: 74d012c21b817826a634e76e84920c7653c6ff63fbe1b38a02e8460ab50da5ab

Download Installer macOS High Sierra or higher (Java 17, Intel)

Size: 55.177.163 Bytes

Sha256: 5cca065e0e2ca7d11307c93619caea96449f2041eb6a64e297e2fca6fe96737d

Download Installer macOS Lion or higher (Java 1.8, Intel)

Size: 77.939.479 Bytes

Sha256: 10f1fcdd5fb9a34ee7cd46347f013c55e151c60bd6e1ba3d9fe33e62204d067e

Download Installer macOS Snow Leopard (Java 1.8, Intel)

Size: 5.947.392 Bytes

Sha256: 8216cd36da0cc7dcb01a5c64cc90fefe8299fdad00d5baa99a32c68899771f36

• other
Download (MULTIOS JAR without Installer)

Size: 4.923.111 Bytes

Sha256: 0d8fbd29338702a7a316ea39e2380419e001b2c81b5074c8a1c8a82fa14a725c

Source Code and IDE setup guide
Uninstallation guide

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