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If you find your problem listed on this page, we are already working on a fix.

Since most of the JD-Devs are germans, the bugtracker might not be translated to your language.

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Our new Message Board is online. Click at the board-link above or click here instead.

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Old wiki

This wiki is deprecated. All contents will get transfered to the new one.

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Knowledge Base

In case of any questions or problems, please consult our knowledgebase before entering the live support.

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Please note that we support in English or German. There are only a few supporters for other languages.

German/English Think3r, pspzockerscene, coalado
English raztoki
Spanish Lram32

Feel free to contact us in case of any obscurities concerning JDownloader. We always are aimed to help our users and to solve their problems.

Please be patient if you have to wait a while for someone to answer you. You may be certain that we noticed your request and answer as soon as possible.

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