What's up with JDownloader?

Since version 0.6.193, you have not heard much about a new JDownloader version. But don't worry, we are working hard on a new version.

After extensive layout changes in 0.6.193 we were confronted with lots of critisism and compliments. So we worked hard to extend the good parts of 0.6.193 and rework the bad parts. Of course we fix all available plugins, and wrote lots of new ones.

Just to mentaion a few of the latter ones:

  • Missing menu (lots of people diod not finde the big Logomenu)
  • Slow performance (we improved performance a lot. Days of >80% CPU by JDownloader will be gone)
  • Toolbar move-buttons (they are back again)
  • Premiumconfig (has been rewritten)
  • Sidebar layout (has been replaced by tabbed layout)


Before presenting the first releasecandidate the next days, we want to presnet some screenshots of JDownloader 0.7*

Better Browserintegration

FlashGot, a browserplugin for firefox helps to integrate JDownloader in a perfect way in firefox.

New Themes

New, and most important, faster themes.

Configuration and Tabbedlayout

New and reviewed Addons

Supported Hosters

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