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Router Reconnect

Some of the frequently asked questions in our livesupport are:

  • “How do I get a new IP?”
  • “How can I bypass the waittime?”
  • “How can I reconnect my router connection?”

There is a quiet simple answer to all those questions. More or less every router has a feature to renew it's connection or to reset itself. This feature is available in the router's webinterface in most cases.Often these features can be found on a statuspage. They may have different names like “Disconnect”, “Reconnect”, “Renew Connection”, “Restart”, “Reboot”, “Reset”, etc.

So all you have to do is to

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2016/06/29 16:43

Extra para Teclado LOGITECH G15

O nosso membro m0nst3rkill3r lançou hoje um pequeno presente de Natal para todos os proprietários do teclado Logitech G15. Uma nova versão deste extra para o JDownloader acabou de sair.
Ler mais (em inglês) ...

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2010/01/16 23:37

Click'n'Load a funcionar em relink.us

A segunda versão do Click'n'Load foi publicada. CLick'n'Load é uma técnica para adicionar endereços de web-sites para o JDownloader facilmente.
Relink.us é um dos primeiros servidores a suportar esta técnica. \\Mas é melhor tentarem vocês mesmos.

  1. Abre o JDownloader
  2. Visita a página do RelinkCNL
  3. Clica no botão CNL.
  4. O endereço aparece automaticamente no JDownloader.
2010/01/16 23:46

JDownloader Portable Apps

JDownloader está agora disponível em Edição Portátil. O pacote contém Máquina de Java Portátil e JDownloader Portátil a usar no famoso PortableApps.com Tool

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2009/11/11 19:00

End of polish support

The time passes and we lost our polish supporter on JD Board and JD Chat. If you would like to continue his work for JD - this means: provide support for JD users, please contact coalado@jdownloader.org . The polish community is still growing, so more and more support is needed. If you can, if you'd like to - you're welcome.

2009/11/03 20:43

AVG Antivirus causes CRC Errors

The new AVG Version has a feature called “linkscanner” that causes downloaderrors. JD reports CRC-errors or the extraction fails.

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2016/06/29 16:43

Flash Developer Wanted

We currently are working on a new JDownloader ↔ Browser integration (CNL), and need somebody with enough flash knowledge to help us.

Please join our chat and contact “coalado” or write an email

2009/10/21 16:28

Plugin out of date?

What is a out of date error?

First of all, I'd like to tell you that this is NOT A BUG!

JDownloader supports more than 400 different sites. For each site, JDownloader requires a so called “plugin”. The plugin “knows” how to handle the pages (links,forms,…). If the site gets updated by the site's admin out plugin might get problems and returns plugin out of date. You can imagine, that we have to update plugins every day,

And you can be sure, that we do our best to do this as fast as possible.

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2016/06/29 16:43
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