Teamviewer Remote Support

What is Teamviewer

TeamViewer is a fast and easy way for getting access to a remote computer - It allows the JD-Developer or Supporter to get remote access to your computer that they are able to take care about your problem to solve it. TeamViewer is currently working on Windows and MAC and is free for private use.


Advise your TeamViewer-ID and your TeamViewer-Password ONLY to the Developer or Supporter in a private chat!! You can do it with each IRC client, such as JD-Chat, by entering these commands one by another:

/msg Supporter_nickname Teamviewer_ID
/msg Supporter_nickname Teamviewer_Password

NEVER post your TeamViewer information in public on the channel.

By the way: You may assume that all users marked as moderator are trustable. You can identify moderators by @ in front of their nickname or gold star after (it belongs to chat client).

Download for Windows

Download for MAC

Download for Linux


  1. Lade TeamViewer herunter
  2. Starte TeamViewerQS
  3. Sende ID und Passwort an deinen Supporter (Chat, Email, PM,… - Siehe Kapitel Sicherheit!)
  4. Jetzt ist der Supporter in der Lage zu deinem PC zu verbinden
  5. Nachdem der Supporter dein Problem gelöst hat kannst du TeamViewer beenden.


  1. Download TeamViewer
  2. Start TeamViewerQS
  3. Send ID and Password to the Supporter(Chat, Email, PM,… - See chapter Security!)
  4. Now the Supporter is able to connect to your PC
  5. After the Supporter has solved all your problems you can close Teamviewer.

Sometimes it is neccessary that JD makes a reconnect. In this case the supporter will get disconnected. After the reconnect TeamViewer has to be restarted and the new Informations (ID, Password) have to be sent to the supporter again.

Good to know:

  • Just run TeamViewer if you need it!
  • TeamViewer opens a secure connection between both computers at the latest security standards.

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