Linkcontainer Formats

Link-Containers are encrypted linklists. Using Containerfiles, it is very comfortable to provide many links at once. Moreover a encrypted container hides it's links from curious eyes. There are three different container formats: DLC, CCF and RSDF. JDownloader can handle all of them.


Rapidshare Downloader Format RSDF was introduce by Schneewiesel. A RSDF container contains a AES-encrypted linklist. Beside urls, it's not possible to store any other information in a RSDF.

IMPORTANT: RSDF is broken, since it's algo and keys are public.


Cryptload Container Format

CCF is Cryptloads's containerformat. CCF was designed to be a Cryptload-only format, but since it's broken, too, most downloadmanager are able to handle CCF files. Inside a CCF, urls are stored in a XML. Beside urls, a ccf often contains passwords an comments. There are 5 different ccf versions around.

IMPORTANT: CCF is broken, since there is a CCF2RSDF tool and it's algo and keys are public.


Download Link Container After RSDF and CCF got cracked, the JD-team decided to create a new Containerformat with the objectives to allow anybody to create DLCs and to allow every Loader to read DLCs. In order to live up to those expectations DLC uses a client-server encryption. Links are processed locally while the keys are distributed and recrypted by a webservice. To date, the dlc encryption has not been broken.

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