DLC Container API

We provide a container-api to webmasters. The api can create RSDF, CCF and DLC files on your server. Feel free to contact us in our IRC chat

Download Classic PHP

  • PHP 4 or higher
  • Mcrypt module
  • MySql database
  • A domain on which we can register your copy

Download OOP PHP

  • PHP 4 or higher
  • Mcrypt module
  • A domain on which we can register your copy

Download Ruby

  • Ruby
  • A domain on which we can register your copy

Frequently asked questions


You can get the API for free from our support. Just contact us. A link back to our Homepage is not mandatory but desired.

Why does The API need mysql

DLC uses a random key to encrypt it's data. The key itself gets recrypted by our server. In order to save ressources the API recrypts the key one every few hours and caches the key-value pair in the database.


The API uses Mysql to cache key-value pairs in order to decrease serverequests.

Mysql tables

You do not have to create the table by yourself. The API will do this job for you. Config: DLC_CONTENT_GENERATOR_NAME_ID

You have to use the id given by the JD-Team. The ID is bound to your domain

Filename and Filesize

It's good to enter filesize and filename. If you do not have this information, just leave the fields empty (””)

Terms and Conditions


JD-Team is allowed to block requests of undesired or missconfigured DLC API installations without any announcment. We give no guaranty for access to our recryptserver. The API is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Distribute and selling

It is not allowed to redistribute the API or your ID. Neither for free, nor for money.

See nutzungsbedingungen for further Conditions

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