Click'n'Load 2

This site helps developers to implement CNL on their own site.

Most important thing about CNL

CNL is not a linkcontainer. It is not a method to hide links, but a comfort feature to add links to JDownloader very easily

Basics about CNL

CNL can be used to add one, or more links to JDownloader very easily. One click sends the links. This makes things very comfortable for the users. To accept links, JDownloader runs a little Webserver on “ (localhost)”. A POST Request to can add links and passwords.

Check if JDownloader is running

CNL2 requires that JDownloader is running.

  1. If A “Website” with 'JDownloader' opens, JD is running.

If this does not work,

  • JD is not running
  • ExternInterface/Flashgot Extension in JD is disabled
  • Addons like NOscript ABE block the request

Check JD with Javascript

With this simple Javascript, you can check and display if JDownloader is running:

<script language="javascript">
   var jdownloader=false;
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript">
      document.write("(JDownloader is currently running)");
      document.write("(JDownloader is NOT running)");


Post Links to JDownloader

This can be done with a simple HTML POST Form:

<FORM ACTION="" target="hidden" METHOD="POST">
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwords" VALUE="myPassword"> 
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="source" VALUE="">  
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="jk" VALUE="function f(){ return '31323334353637383930393837363534';}">
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="crypted" VALUE="DRurBGEf2ntP7Z0WDkMP8e1ZeK7PswJGeBHCg4zEYXZSE3Qqxsbi5EF1KosgkKQ9SL8qOOUAI+eDPFypAtQS9A==">
   <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Add Link to JDownloader">


  • passwords: enter the archive password here
  • source: this is the referer. Enter the Sourceurl for the links. This url will be exported to DLC instead of the plain links
  • jk: AES Key as Javascript funktion. the f function always has to return the correct key.
  • crypted: The Crypted URL Text. See PhP section for encryption details.
PHP code

function base16Encode($arg){
	return $ret;

$cp = mcrypt_module_open(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, '', 'cbc', '');
@mcrypt_generic_init($cp, $key,$key);
$enc = mcrypt_generic($cp, $link);   
echo $crypted;

Plain CNL2

A very bsic, but insecure version of CNL2 is PLain CNL. You Do not need any serverside encryption here.

<FORM ACTION="" target="hidden" METHOD="POST">
  INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwords" VALUE="myPassword"> 
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="source" VALUE="">   
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="urls" VALUE="">
   <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Add Link to JDownloader">

You can pass multiple urls and passwords by seperating them with \r\n

Try it:

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