CNL 2 replaces CNL1

see Click'n'Load 2

Click'N'Load combines two features


1. Linking *.dlc *.ccf and *.rsdf files to JDownloader

A doubleclick on a containerfile starts JDownloader and adds the container.

2. Linking jd:// jdlist:// ccf:// dlc:// and rsdf:// links to JDownloader

If you find a Click'N'Load link, just click on it, and jd will open it.


jd:// Single Link

A single link. Just replace http with jd.

<a href="jd://">JD Click'N'Load 25Mb jd-singlelink-test</a>
jdlist:// Single Link

A linklist. Create a linklist (comma-separated), and encode it with base 64. Add the result to jdlist://

<a href="jdlist://aHR0cDovL3JhcGlkc2hhcmUuY29tL2ZpbGVzLzE5MTYyMDUyNi8yNWJtdGVzdC56aXAuaHRtbA==">JD Click'N'Load 25Mb jd-linklist-test</a>
dlc:// ccf:// rsdf:// Container Link

Upload your container, and replace the http: with dlc: ccf: or rsdf:. The container has to be stored on a normal http-server. Oneclick hoster will not work!

<a href="dlc://">JD Click'N'Load 25Mb jd-DLC-test</a>


JD Click'N'Load 25Mb jd-linklist-test
JD Click'N'Load 25Mb jd-singlelink-test
JD Click'N'Load 25Mb jd-DLC-test


Click'n' Load links the following protocols to the jd binary.

  • jd://
  • dlc://
  • ccf://
  • rsdf://
  • jdlist://


On most Windows System, JDownloader is able to install Click'n'load without userinteraction. If CNL does not work for you,

  1. Start JDownloader with admin rights. After instalation JD runs perfect without admin access.
  2. If it still does not work, close jd and execute JD_HOME/tmp/installcnl.reg

Uninstall for Windows

To remove all registry entries created by JDownloader, execute JD_HOME/tools/Windows/uninstall.reg

Linux & MAC

Download the Linux/Mac Installer/Starter for this HOWTO
On Linux/MAC, protocols like dlc:// are not controlled by the OS. If you are using Firefox, you may add the protocols by ourself:

  1. open firefox advanced configs by typing “about:config” in the adress bar
  2. rightclick –>new: create the following entries for each protocol:
    1. Replace PATH_TO_SCRIPT with the path to
    2. First Line is String
    3. Second Line is Boolean
  3. restart JDownloader = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
network.protocol-handler.external.jd=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
network.protocol-handler.external.jdlist=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
network.protocol-handler.external.ccf=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
network.protocol-handler.external.rsdf=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/


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