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Plugin out of date?

What is a out of date error?

First of all, I'd like to tell you that this is NOT A BUG!

JDownloader supports more than 400 different sites. For each site, JDownloader requires a so called “plugin”. The plugin “knows” how to handle the pages (links,forms,…). If the site gets updated by the site's admin out plugin might get problems and returns plugin out of date. You can imagine, that we have to update plugins every day,

And you can be sure, that we do our best to do this as fast as possible.

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2016/06/29 16:43

Virus in Kikin? False Positive!

Since a few days ago, some virus scanner blame

  • kikin_installer.exe
  • kikin.dll/kikin.dll.tmp

of being a virus. This is a False-Positive Report which means that the AntiVirus tool's scanning engine made a mistake.

Kikin is, and has always been CLEAN!

Source: Avira

2009/10/05 19:08

Update: 0.8.930 "Pinky" available

This version brings some updates to reconnection methods, plugins, scheduler, and some general fixes, on top of the performance improvements of the previous update! The full changelog is appropriately available in the “Changelog” section of the site.
You might have already updated to this version, otherwise be sure to get it in the “Download” section!

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2016/06/29 16:43

JDownloader 0.7 released

Version 0.7 has been released today, again with so many changes and updates that it would require a long list to write them all here!


2009/08/20 22:22

New Translation Editor

Together with JDownloader 0.7, comes a new addon for our translators.

Just write an email to Tell us which language you want to translate to, and we will grant you translator access.

Read more about the translator addon here

2009/08/19 21:25

What's up with JDownloader?

Since version 0.6.193, you have not heard much about a new JDownloader version. But don't worry, we are working hard on a new version.

After extensive layout changes in 0.6.193 we were confronted with lots of critisism and compliments. So we worked hard to extend the good parts of 0.6.193 and rework the bad parts. Of course we fix all available plugins, and wrote lots of new ones.

Just to mentaion a few of the latter ones:

  • Missing menu (lots of people diod not finde the big Logomenu)
  • Slow performance (we improved performance a lot. Days of >80% CPU by JDownloader will be gone)
  • Toolbar move-buttons (they are back again)
  • Premiumconfig (has been rewritten)
  • Sidebar layout (has been replaced by tabbed layout)


Before presenting the first releasecandidate the next days, we want to presnet some screenshots of JDownloader 0.7*

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2009/08/15 11:48

Project Coderush

Code Rush, a documentary about Netscape and their browser, is no longer under U.S. Copyright. The film is about the company Netscape and its employees between March 1998 and April 1999 and deals with the release of the browser as an open-source project. The film is available at for free download.

2009/07/14 15:30

Firefox Addon now compatible with Firefox 3.5 and Flashgot Integration

We updated the Firefox Addon to be compatible with the new Firefox 3.5. Unfortunately it's not possible to update the Addon with the Firefox update mechanism. You have to install it from here.

We are happy to announce that JDownloader will work with FlashGot with the next update. FlashGot is also an website linkgrabber which supports more features than our original Addon. With the next release the development of our Firefox Addon will be discontinued.

2009/07/05 13:06
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