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(1) Main panel

Logging level

The JD log informs you in details about anything JD does. Of course it informs you about occuring errors, too. The finer the logging level is, the more info are written in the logging window.

:!: JD-Team suggests loglevel „Warning“ for normal use.



The finest Level. All available loginfo is written.





Detailed information about what's foing on


Only warnings or errors are written (default)


Only errors are written


Log is disabled (not recommended, since you will not get informed about occuring unexpected errors)

Opening the Loggingwindow

See here

I very fine logging level should only be used for debugging purposes. Since JD outputs a lot of info then, this might increase the CPU load.

Create logfile in ./logs/ directory

default: disabled
Sometimes, it is usefull that the log directly is written on your harddisk. IN this case, you even can access the log if JD crashes.
:!: Take care that the %JD_INSTALL_DIR%/logs/ directory exists and is writable.

Update only at user request

If checked, JD does not ask the user to update afterstartup.

Webupdate: start automaticly

If you like JD to autoupdate without any interaktion, check this option. JD will show a countdown of 10 sec. After the countdown JD updates itself (if updates are available)