(5) JAntiCaptcha configuration

JAntiCaptcha(JAC) is tool, written by JDteam, to find objects in images. In JD it's mainly used, to be a helpfull friend concerning captchas.

:-o Disable broken captcha methods

JAnticaptcha is able to recognize many captcha types. If a captcha method is broken, it may occure that it needs a lot of cpu power. In this case, we advise to disable it here.

Countdown for captchawindow

The time in seconds, until a “Enter captcha” dialog disapears.

Disable automatic captcha

If checked, the automatic captcha recognition is disabled globally.

Displaytreshold / How to avoid undesired captcha dialogs

Jdownloader's anti captcha module calculates a value that says how “sure” JAC. This value is the so called “vality value”

0 --> probably wrong detected
100 --> absolutly correct

If JAC is unsure about the result (low vality value), it shows a captcha dialog to enable the user to edit it.


By default, the treshhold is set to 80. This means, that JD shows a captcha dialog if the “Vality value” is below 80.

:-o Good to know

For some captchas the default treshhold 80 is too low. This means, that you often get a captcha dialog even though the result is correct. To avoid this you should increase the treshhold (to about 95)
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