Feng Shui Ayarları


Download directory

The default directory where new links get downloaded to.
:!: Changing this option does NOT affect any links that are already in the downloadlist.

Mac useres should talke care, that they do not set the downloaddirectory inside the *.dmg


You can switch the interface language between various languages.

Host plugins

Premium Hoster settings

Open the hoster overview panel


 Enter Username, IP and password if available

Router detection

Each router is different. So the reconnect method is different for each router, too.


JD compares your router with a database to find the correct settings.


Open the Databse to select your router manually

Router recorder

Asks you to perform a reconnect in your router's webinterface. JD will record this reconnect. Later JD can replay it.

Check settings

Test if your reconnect settings are correct.


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