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Using the advanced configuration view, you can profit of the full power and flexibility of JDownloader. All available options can be set here.

(1) Main

General settings, logging and updates. ...more details

(2) Download/Network

Options concerning the download, downloadspeed, linklistcontrol, connection, chunkload and timeouts ...more details


Interent & Networksettings


Advanced settings

(3) Interface

Graphical User Interface options like, Themes, Skins, Sounds, Style, Look and Feel, Tooltips, Splashscreens and Browsersettings ...more details

Look & Feel




(4) Reconnect

Different reconnect methods. Reconnecting can be used to renew your IP. This can avoid waittimes.

  1. External Reconnect
  2. Batch Reconnect
  3. CLR-Reconnect
  4. Http Liveheader Reconnect

...more details

(5) jAntiCaptcha

Captcha Recognition settings. Enable/Disable different methods. ...more details

(6) Hosts

Enable/Disable Host Plugins, and config them (e.g. Premium settings); ...more details

(7) Decryption

Decryption Plugins are doing an important job in jd. They are looking forthe final downloadlinks in the sourcecode, and decrypt linkcrypting sites like . The save you a lot of time. In this section, all linkcrypter plugins can be enabled/disabled and configured. ...more details

(8) Addon manager

Addons are used to extend the functionality of JDownloader. (e.g. JDChat-addon adds a supportchat to JD). The Addon manager is used as well for downloading and updateing addons as for configuring them. ...more details


Installation & Updates

(9) Link Containers

Detailed infos to link containers.

(10) Event manager

The eventmanager is a trigger based actionlistener. You may, for example, call an external tool after each download, to count your downloads. ...more details

(11) Simple/Advanced view switch

Switching between two different config views. ...more details

(12) Save & Restart

Some settings, for example the interface language, require a restart to take effect.

(13) Save

Saves your changes an closes the configuration panel

(14) Cancel

Closes the configuration panel without saving

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