Some of you certainly know that JDownloader is written in Java. This has not always been an easy choice!

But see yourself:

2010/06/27 12:51


With Infobar, we want to present you one of the new upcoming JD Features. Infobar is a very powerful tiny window that provides many useful features.

  • Drop location
  • Speed & Progress monitor
  • Quick access

2010/06/15 22:53

Server down

At the moment one of our server provider is not reachable. Due to that it is not possible to visit our support forum or open container files.

We hope this will get resolved very quickly!

Update: All okay now :)

2010/05/27 08:57

TShirt-Donation Offer now in whole EU

After having started this offer in germany, we now can bring this to whole Europe. For each donation (Read more...) of 20 € or more, we send out a free JDownloader T-Shirt.

Please make sure you provide full postal address!

2010/05/05 09:43

T-Shirts Lieferprobleme

Vor einiger Zeit haben wir unsere T-Shirt Spendenaktion gestartet. Der angestrebte Lieferzeitraum war die Woche ab dem 12. April. Leider sind wir mit der Druckqualität nicht zufrieden. Da wir euch keine minderwertige Qualität schicken wollen, haben wir die letzte Woche damit verbracht aufzudecken was schief gelaufen ist. Offenbar wurden in der Produktion die Farben falsch separiert.

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2010/04/19 18:51

Flash or DHTML/JavaScript/Ajax Developer Wanted

Our Team is looking for one (or more) flash developers to supervise our Click'n'Load Flash Movie. As an alternative to the flash movie, we would like to provide an easy javascript/ajax method to do the same job.

If you are a fan of JDownloader, and want to contribute to this project, please talk to Coalado in out supportchat.

2010/04/13 11:32

T-Shirt Spenden Aktion

The T-Shirt offer is currently only available for germany. Non german people are welcome to write their whishes by Email

Nachdem unsere T-Shirt Umfrage gezeigt hat, dass viele von euch ein JD-Shirt haben wollen, starten wir nun unsere Shirt-Spenden Aktion.

Für jede Spende an das JDownloader Team über 18€ oder mehr, schicken wir euch ein original JDownloader Community Shirt. Die Spenden kommen der weiteren JDownloader Entwicklung zu Gute.

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2010/03/24 23:45

Java 1.5 Compatibility

With the upcoming JDownloader Version 1.*, JDownloader will not support Java 1.5 any longer. There is Java 1.6 for almost every system. This step to Java 1.6+ will help us to make JDownloader faster and more stable without any drawbacks of 1.5.

2010/03/19 13:47
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