G15 Addon

This is a 3rd party addon! Written by m0nst3rkill3r …

… And it looks :

Update to 1.2 Beta


The Addon requires Adminrights (Vista, Windows-7) and the “Remote Control”-Plugin (Standart Plugin in JDownloader) Also the Port of the “Remote Control” - Plugin HAS to be “10025” if not, it may crash.

The applet is still a bit buggy. Note that you simnply can restart the plugin if required

Feel free to report any Bugs / Ideas / Feelings about it in the Thread. That would be very nice!

The Script actually shows:

  • How much Percent you've already loaded,(As a Number,As a Drawed Bar)
  • Download Speed
  • The Time when the Download gets finished
  • Actually Downloadname
  • The Name of the Package

In the Next version, you will see wich file you download.

Fully Instructions:

  • Open JDownloader. (If you open the Applet before JDownloader, you will see a crash)
  • Enable the “Remote Control” Applet. After enabled, Restart JDownloader.
  • Start The Applet

Have fun.


Use out board to discuss


g15_jdownloader_source.rar http://update0.jdownloader.org/g15/update.rar The Updater. Download the Appet with that Programm

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