Frequently Asked Questions

My Router is not supported, or the reconnect does not work. What shall I do?

Reconnect requests a new IP address from your internet service provider in order to reduce or remove mandatory host wait times between file download. Reconnect/Requesting a new IP address will only work if your IP address is dynamically issued by your ISP. It will not work if you have a fixed IP address, or if your ISP reissues you the same IP.

If it still does not work, contact our support

The download from Hoster *** does not work!

Details on bug reporting for hosters and more can be found here.

When I click on Menu -> Save -> Backup, Where does it go?

The default location to save your links is in the main JDownloader directory \backup sort the directory by date to facilitate easy deletion of old backups.

Virus alarm in JDownloader? time to time, some anti-virus tools claim some parts of jd to be a virus. Often, the detect tools/windows/p.exe as a virus. This is a false alarm! This file belongs to the network sniffer detection. It returns all running processes which are compared to a black/white list.
:!: With version 0.4.495, this file is not longer needed, and thus not included to JD.

Feel free to scan this file here.

Connection refused?

If you have installed a firewall, you have to add JDownloader,exe, java.exe and javaw.exe (c:\program files\java\YOUR_JRE(s)\bin\..) to the firewall's exception/trusted list to allow for incoming/outgoing communications between JD and internet hosts.

Assistance for different firewalls and security tools is available.

Assistance for different “Security Software”

Please send us instructions for you firwall/antivirus tool, so that we can add it to this list.

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