Translating JDownloader 2

To help translating JDownloader, you need an account. If you do not have one yet, please write an E-Mail.

Install JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2 is available as a beta version. Please refer to our forum for installers, guides and additional reference material.

Start Translator Extension

  1. Open the Settings Panel
  2. Scroll down and enable the Translator
  3. Enter your Translator Logins
  4. Wait while JDownloader downloads the latest translations
  5. Choose your language from the [Load Translation] menu
  6. Start Translating. You can translate directly in the table, or use the Wizard
  7. Save your work



Shortcuts Description
<ENTER> Pressing <ENTER> while translating inserts a \r\n. This is correct. It will be transformed to a newline later.
<ctrl+ENTER> Confirm the current Translation. Jumps to next Entry in the Wizard
<TAB> Jumps to edit the next entry in the table
<ctrl+F> Opens a search dialog in the table

Context menu

Rightclick on the table.

Get Translation from existing Translation

Copy Translation from a different language. This may help if you want to create a variant of an existing translation

Use original/Default translation

If the Original & Defaults Value is correct, you can use it.

Reset Changes

Resets the Session Changes.


Revert all your Changes, and load the latest Translation from the server

Save, and restart JDownloader to check your translations.

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