Extern OCR Tool

Even though JDownloader brings it's own powerfull AntiCaptcha Module (JAC),it may be usefull to use extern, 3rds Party Tools for captcha recognition. Since JDownloader 0.5.400, this is possible.

Open Captcha Directory

All captcha methods have to be stored in JD_HOME/jd/captcha/methods/

Create Methodfolder

If there is not yet a folder for your desired hoster, create new one. E.g.: If you wnat to use a extern OCR tool for the hoster “http://samplehost.com”, create a folder called “samplehost.com”

Create Info file

Create a file (JD_HOME/jd/captcha/methods/samplehost.com/jacinfo.xml).
If this file already exists, because it is an official JDownloader file, you should create a second (empty)file (JD_HOME/jd/captcha/methods/samplehost.com/jacinfo.xml.noupdate) to ensure that JDownloader will not overwrite your modified file.

Content of jacinfo.xml:


windows,mac or linux.
e.g the method can be used on mac and linux: PARAMETER:OS = linux,mac


relativ path to the extern tool.
e.g.: tools\windows\captcha\samplehost.com\ocr.bat


relative path. Says where JD should move the source image to.
e.g: tools\windows\captcha\samplehost.com\samplehost.gif


relative path to a txt file. The extern tool has to write the result to this file.
e.g. tools\windows\captcha\samplehost.com\result.txt

  <method type="extern" os="PARAMETER:OS" />

Restart JDownloader. You now can use your extern OCR

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