JDTray Icon Light

JDTRayIcon Light enables JD to get minimized to tray instead of the taskbar. It implements a tray-menu with the most important features of jd.


Install it like described here


Open Configuration

  1. Click main menu→addons→addon configuration
  2. Select JDLightTrayIcon (If is not listed under the “settings-tab” it is not installed)
  3. Click → Settings (alternativly doubleclick on the entry)


Minimize to tray

If selected, JD minimized to tray instead of the taskbar. If unchecked, JD only minimizes of you doubleclick on the tray icon.

Start minimized

Enables an hidden start of JD.

Toogle Window status with single click

Select if a singleclick on the trayicon should send JD to tray (and back) or a double click


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