JD Unrar

This addon comes by default with JDownloader. JDUnrar is a wrapper for the unrar freeware. It enables JDownloader to extract archives automatically after download.



Unrar command

For most systems, the binaries come with jd. Only if no running binaries are found, this option is available.

Path to unrar binaries.


For Linux, you jave to install ”unrar-nonfree”. The correct path to enter then is ”/usr/bin/unrar

:-O Good to know:
The bundled unrar version for linux can be found at %JD_HOME%\tools\linux


Download “rar” and copy the rar folder in “/usr/bin/“ and add the path to jdownloader plugin: “/usr/bin/unrar“. By default, this folder is not visible. To solve this, copy the rar folder to the root (Macintosh HD) and execute the following unix command: Enter in Terminal:

sudo cp /rar/rar /usr/bin/rar sudo cp /rar/unrar /usr/bin/unrar

or open the finder →menu →„Go to“ →„Go to folder“ (Command +Shift +G) → enter “/user/bin“

  • Use customized extract path

Check this option if you want to use an extract path that is different from the downloadpath. Enter your wished path below. You can use these variables

  • Delete archives after successfull extraction

Delete archivefiles (*.rar,..) after the extraction finished successfully.

  • Overwrite existing files

Check this option if exisiting files should be overwritten by the extract process.

List of passwords

  • JDUnrar remembers every password you have pre-entered and every password the linkgrabber detects. Once a password is in this list, you will never have to enter it again. JD will search the list for correct passwords and use them.

:!: The longer this list, the longer this “search process” may take. JD autosorts the list, to optimize the process.


  • Use subpath JDUNrar can create subpathes for each archiv.
  • Subpath To set up your subpath, you may use different variables
  • Only use subpath if archive contains more than * files Sometimes, you might be interested in creating a subfolder only if the archiv contains a lot of files. You can define filelimit here.

e.g. if you set it to 5, JDUNrar only creates a subfolder of the archive contains more than 5 files. :!: 0 or -1 to disable.

  • Ask for unknown passwords If you did not enter the password when adding the links, and the password is not in the passwordlist, JD is abled to ask you to enter it during extraction.
  • Deep extraction Often, there is a rar-archive in a rar-archive in a rar-archive etc. If this option is checked, JD extracts everything until there are no more archives.
  • Delete Info file after extraction The addon “Infofile writer” creates *.info files in the downloaddirectory. JDUnrar may remove this infofiles after extraction.


JDUnrar is able to create dynamic extractpathes. THe following variables can be used.

  • %PACKAGENAME% → name of the filepackage
  • %ARCHIVENAME% → myarchive.rar →/myarchive/
  • %HOSTER% → Downloaded from rapidshare.com → /rapidshare.com/


If enabled, JDUnrar automaticly extracts rar archives after downloading them. This Feature can be disabled in the addon's config menu.

Config menu

  • Enable

enables or disabled the autoextraction

  • Extract Archive(s)

Opens archives from HD to extract. Useful to use the password search for all files.

Context menu

  • Extract

Extract the package or the downloadlink.

  • Autoextract

Enables/disables the autoextraction after download for this package.

  • Set extract path

Edit the extractpath for this link

  • Open extract path

Open the extractpath for this link


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