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JDownloader possui muitos Extras. Como instalar e actualizar os Extras é explicado aqui

Language File Editor

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2009/01/10 21:30

JD Chat

JDchat is one of JDownloader's default Addons. The chat is also available via the Webchat or IRC Clients. Visit our Supportchat to contact the developers and our supporters

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2008/12/24 13:47

please delete, not needed anymore.

2009/09/18 15:44

JD Live Header Reconnect Scripter

Import HTTP LIve header logs and create a reconnectscript.

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2009/01/05 20:54

Firefox Integration/Addon


This addon intergrates “My JDownloader” into your Firefox browser. It enables you to send links, selections and image urls directly to one of your connected JDownloader.

What this extension does: It enables you to remotely connect to your running JDownloader while you're not at your PC.

Add links to your queue Get a quick overview about the download status

What you need:

A MyJDownloader account ( A running JDownloader connected to MyJDownloader

What this extension does NOT: This is no standalone download manager. You need JDownloader installed on your system and connected to MyJDownloader.

2008/12/26 18:45
2017/05/23 10:07
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