Version 0.9.22*

Update 0.9.310

This is a bugfix update. The Restart Modul was buggy under Windows.

Update 0.9.246

This is a bugfix update.

New Addon: Package Customizer

This addon is still a ALPHA. It allows the user to define expression(regex) to set up default settings for special links.
The screenshot show an expression to automaticly download dlc, rsdf and ccf files to an package and subdirectory called „container“. We will improve this addon during the next weeks to make a handy little tool for ordering your downloads


Due to a bug in the Synthetica library, some users had a license warning on startup. Don't worry, because this update fixes the bug.

Hoster & Decrypter Plugins

As usually, we updated most of our plugins and even wrote a few new ones.


GUI Improvments. Supports Tabs now and userlist can be switched to the right.


Better handling for Standby and Hibernate Mode

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