Version 0.8.763 - Pinky


With this version, we concentrated on removing bugs and performance leaks. After a lot of hours profiling and userfeedback, JD now runs much faster with less CPU and RAM usage.

IP Check

Before 0.7* we used to detect IP changes for reconnection. Since this produced too much traffic for a single services, we changed the IP-Check, to use randomly one out of about 30 different services. Unfortunately, there were some services that could not handle these additional requests. We are very sorry about this and want to apologize for causing trouble.
Special thanks go to and for pointing out this mistake. To avoid further problems, we wrote a special IP-Check-Server-Software which now runs on our own servers.


Of course there are lots of updated and new plugins, too. We will take care to do pluginupdates more frequently in future.


It came out that there are some people that could not find the language-settings. Please have a look at this screenshot:


Again, our captcha team did a great job and implemented many new captcha methods.

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