Firefox Addon

The firefox addon is not a JD-addon. That's why it will not be shown in JD's addon list after installation. It is a firefox plugin


Firefox Integration/Addon


  • Toolbar Icon

  • Context menu


The addon can be loaded by the integrated addon manager. Afterwards it is located in %JD_HOME%/tools/jdownff.xpi

Or from this location. This version is compatible with Firefox 3.5.



Afterwards it is located in %JD_HOME%/tools/jdownff.xpi and must be opened with Firefox. ( Start Firefox → [File] → [Open] → %JD_HOME%/tools/jdownff.xpi and follow screen instructions )

OS X(.dmg)

  • Download the addon as described above and restart JD afterwards.

Open this URL

  • Now you can click on the file jdownff.xpi and the plugin gets installed.



If a console pops up while using the addon, please select javaw.exe instead of java.exe.

For “Path to JDownloader” you have to enter the *.jar NOT the *.exe

OS X(.dmg)

Path to Java: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/java Path to JDownloader: /Applications/

The Java path also applies to the multi-OS version of OS X!


Right-click on the Toolbar → [Customize …] opens a dialogue with all available buttons. Here you can drag the JD-button on the toolbar. This buttons sends all currently available links to JD.

Add all opened URLs

Using this feature the addresses of all open tabs can be added to JD. If a Decrypter does not work, or none is available, this feature saves a lot of work.

Add all recently visited URLs

Allows you to monitor the browser's history. Not only the current address, but all recently visited pages are added.

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