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JDownloader provides several Addons. How to install and update the addons is explained here

JD Ubiquity Addon


If you've got the amazing Ubiquity installed, a popup should appear now asking for your permission to install the JD Ubiquity-Command.
To use the Addon you (still) have to turn on the JD Clipboard-Detection.

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2009/02/03 19:47

JDTray Icon Light

JDTRayIcon Light enables JD to get minimized to tray instead of the taskbar. It implements a tray-menu with the most important features of jd.

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2016/06/29 16:43

JD Scheduler

There is a scheduler addon which allows you to set times where JDownloader should

  • Start/stop downloads
  • Set Speedlimites
  • Allow/Disallow Reconnects


The addon works, but is a bit outdated. We will rewrite it soon.

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2009/06/17 09:59

JD RemoteControl

The addon called „RemoteControl“ allows you to control remotely your JDownloader-client by doing so-called HTTP-requests. In doing so you execute commands which are nothing else than URLs that will be called over the network-protocol HTTP. This can be done by simply typing them into the address-bar of a webbrowser or by (and that's why this addon was made) other applications and scripts that can handle HTTP-requests.

If you like to write your own web interface based on JD RemoteControl feel free to use and modify “JD RemoteControl Demo”, an ajax application written in JavaScript and HTML which should demonstrate how to communicate with JD RemoteControl without the need of a webserver.

You can download the demo here: Externer Link

A propper remote-API will probably come some day but until it's done the „new old“ „RemoteControl“ will do the job quite well, I think.

2010/05/08 04:57

JD Unrar

This addon comes by default with JDownloader. JDUnrar is a wrapper for the unrar freeware. It enables JDownloader to extract archives automatically after download.

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2009/01/07 17:22
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