Version 0.9.4*


  • Fixed freeze while JDownloader startup at Slashscreen
  • GUI bugfixes
  • updated languages (thanks to all translators)
  • External reconnect fixed (it might be neccessary to check/increase timeout values in your reconnect settings)

Hoster & Decrypter Plugins

As usually, we updated most of our plugins and even wrote a few new ones.

  • Megaupload fixes
  • Hellshare premium support
  • Kewlshare premium support
  • FileSendNet premium support
  • Turkdepot premium support
  • Sharesystems premium support
  • many more

Addon updates

  • JDChat and Scheduler Addon recieved some updates and bugfixes.
  • JDUnrar: fixed non working JDunrar on some systems and false positive CRC errors


Again, our captcha team did a great job and implemented many new captcha methods.

NetVision ISP and Rapidshare

More and more ppl having Netvision as ISP report strange problems(since the last 2-4 days) when they try to download from rapidshare. This is a Netvision issue! Please contact your isp and tell them about the issue and let THEM fix it. Forum and workaround for Premium user

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